I’ve been riding with Cub for almost two years after deciding to fulfill a childhood dream of taking riding lessons. My goal was to become a comfortable, confident rider after not having ridden in over 30 years. Coming from competitive dog sports and having worked with many trainers and coaches over the years, I’ve found Cub to an incredibly skilled teacher and coach. Cub easily assesses each person’s skills and adjusts her lessons to meet the student at their experience level. She focuses on teaching proper technique and makes lessons fun while riders develop and improve their skills. In late 2016 my husband started joining me in lessons with Cub. He had been in a motor vehicle accident several years before and suffered a head injury and physical trauma that continue to affect his daily life. Cub has been able to adjust lessons to his level and he’s made great improvements in his confidence and skill level. His riding really is therapy and Cub is able to assess where he is on any given day and adjust the lesson or encourage him to challenge himself more. We’ve had the opportunity to ride both inside the arena, outside around the ranch and even several trips to the mountains where your skills are truly put to the test. It has been an amazing experience and we both look forward to our lessons with Cub. We feel truly blessed to have found a wonderful coach and trainer who has become a great friend as well. The atmosphere around the barn is wonderful and we’ve made great friends in the other riders.

Deb and Don Dedrick, High River Ab

Make sure your Equine trainer is adequately prepared to do the job.
Your horse deserves it and so does your pocket book.

My son and I had the opportunity to ride at Prairie Oak Ranch in August and we had a wonderful time. I had two lessons with Cub and wish I could've had more. Cub kept me relaxed as I was very nervous as it was my first time riding Western as I have only been riding English since Nov 2014. We were able to go for a trail ride in the foothills and had an absolutely beautiful day for it. I am a recreational rider and my son has special needs and hasn't been riding in a number of years. Thank you very much to Cub and everyone at Prairie Oak Ranch.

Jo-Anne Harris-Kuhar
August 2015
Sauble Beach Ontario

I have a very athletic/talented Show Jumper whom I previously had in training with a jumper trainer. As I watched my horse regress in her ability/desire to perform I came to realize this horse was in the wrong hands. In my search for a trainer with adequate skills/knowledge to help this horse overcome some fears/bad habits I came across Cub Wright. Cub took my horse for two months and during this time she was able to make a huge difference in this horses attitude and behaviour. She was diligent and thorough in her training techniques. Cubs calm, consistent and methodical techniques made a significant influence in helping this horse overcome some of the fears that had been previously instilled in her. Today this horse is back competing in the show ring and is thoroughly enjoying her Show Jumping career. This is a true testament to hiring a trainer with an adequate knowledge base as compared to one who is lacking in basic horsemanship skills.

Doug Reglin
Calgary, Canada   

I attended your clinic last March, nearly 12 months ago ! First of all I would really like to thank you for your instructions and lessons I had with you, my riding has completely changed and my mindset has done a back flip due to you opening up my eyes on how to ride properly. Even I can see a massive improvement and have a real thirst to learn more every time I ride or compete and that all started with your clinics and lessons. Once again many thanks for everything you taught me.

Kind Regards,
Clint Rand

I went on vacation to Alberta and looked for cutting lessons, I fell on the Prairie Oak website and contacted Cub for lessons. This is the greatest thing I have ever done!! Cub is an amazing teacher and mentor. She has an amazing way of showing students and explaining any questions. I have been riding for years and learned more from Cub in one intensive week of cutting 2 hours a day for 5 days that I have in 5 years of lessons in Quebec. She radically improved my riding and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! The people and staff are warm an inviting. The horses are safe and sweet. The best of all is Cub! It is worth every penny to take a lesson from Cub and improve your skills whether you are young or old there is room for improvement. I will definitely be returning to Alberta and resuming my lessons with Cub and I look forward to it!

Ashley Hauver
Quebec, Canada   

I spent about 2.5 weeks training with Cub and I felt her instructions were easy to follow and she didn't
over complicate things. She was very patient and my riding came along in leaps and bounds and I enjoyed every lesson.

Emma Turner

Hello, my name is Selina and I'm a young lady from Germany and I had the chance to life at Prairie Oak Ranch while I have been traveling across Canada.
I worked there and got lessons from Cub Wright as well as her personal assistant Jennie Lannan. Both have incredible horsemanship and I learned a lot.

I met Cub at the Calgary Stampede and I asked her if I could work for her and get lessons. She didn't hesitate a second although she didn't know me.

I arrived there in beginning of August with the plan to stay one month. Finally I stayed three because I feel comfortable, it is a lot of fun and the horsemanship is great!
I enjoyed Binki the big, the dogs Spure and Roo as well as the cat Mika, buffaloes and cows and of course the horses!
They are calm and the whole year outside. Well trained and each horse has its on training program.
The staff is really friendly and helpful. They know what they are doing and have an answer of your question.
The clients I have met always said how lucky I'm to be at Cub's place because of her knowledge, how the way she trains and great personality.

Before I came here I was frustrated because I stuck in my knowledge about horses. Now, I'm back on the horse with fun! She and her staff showed me the important basic of working with a horse: Pressure and Release and how this is working. I learned how to handle a horse in a safe way, from saddling and take the bridle on till I get on and off. As well as from leading on the ground till riding with spures.
I ask everything what I want to know. I always got an answer that make sense!
She let me my time which I needed to get used to the horses and the riding style. Riding at her place Western helped me a lot although I'm a English rider.
She and Jennie are giving their lessons friendly, with patience and their best horsemanship every single day!
They train every horse  and person individual and always pay attention what they need – adults as well as children!

Because I lived here. I know Cub at work and private.
She is really candid person and is supporting many people in their life. She always helped me and gave me a lot of opportunities for my travels.
She took me to her brother's place and for rides in the mountains. She showed me her world as a real cowgirl!

 I thank Cub Wright for the great time in her world and wish her all the best in her way of life. I would always come back!


Selina Horvath

Before I met Cub I always thought horses are a bit fishy and rideing a horse was something I could not
imagine. In the first lesson with Cub my fear turned into respect for these wonderful animals. The next day
I had my second lesson and she put me in front of the flag and I got a taste how wonderful it is to be connected with a horse and how it could feel to work together.

Some days later we took a ride in the mountains with friends and that was one of the most intense experience I had in my life.

Thorsten Göttsche (the cutting golfer)
Hamburg, Germany

I started cutting with Cub Wright in Alberta, Canada.  Of all the trainers I've had, she has instilled more confidence in me than anyone.  She is a true "teacher" in all sense of the word.  She will never let a student get in a dangerous situation, but she will push you to your limit and you will learn. 

Betty Sawyer

I first started riding with Cub at the beginning of April 2011. She is an excellent teacher and a world class cutter. In the short time she has helped me immensely with my riding, my expectations of what kind of rider I could become under her coaching were far exceeded.

Dea Elle Ehresman
Alberta, Canada

It started with Hans training cutting with Cub Wright in Canada, 2008. He was so pleased that we invited Cub twice to Sweden where she held several clinics, both cutting and riding, during her stay. In September, 2010 we went to Cub's place, three Scandinavian cutters and their wives. The cutters competed and did well, and all of us improved our riding a lot. Cub is a very skilled rider and a great cutter, as well as a nice person. Hans will train and compete in Canada with Cub as his trainer, in March, 2011. We can highly recommend her as your trainer and we hope she will be back in Sweden in 2011.

Hans and Lotta Sjöberg
Göteborg, Sweden